Meider Jonno Asha


Asha is a small charity working in Dhaka city, Bangladesh, amongst the poorest people of the slums and busties, bringing hope into desperate lives.

Asha began by providing basic literacy training to street girls, offering them a first step on the ladder of self-respect and hope. Over the years more than 300 illiterate teenagers have received basic education that they would otherwise have been denied.

Many of these girls have now gone on to receive work-training and experience in Next Steps Asha training centres. Here they learn practical skills and produce a variety of craft goods and hand-embroidered fashion accessories.

The charity is completely dependent on the donations of supporters and funds raised through the sale of Next Steps Asha products. All the money received goes towards the cost of maintaining the education centres, paying wages to girls and staff and to the provision of medical help and support in cases of need.



December 2013